about us

For our customers, the name MS Jewelers is synonymous with professional service, value and trust.

MS Jewelers opened in 1989 with a small store on the north end of Middletown. From there, the steady growth of satisfied customers has necessitated the business moving twice, first to County Route 78 in Middletown, and finally to our current, stand-alone location in New Hampton (just about a mile from our former County Rt. 78 Middletown location).

Our customer base has grown steadily, as satisfied clients not only returned time and time again but also told their friends. And our customers remain incredibly loyal.

Lets face it, you can go to any jewelry store and walk out with a ring. You can even buy jewelry on T.V. if you wished, but thousands of people instead choose to shop at MS Jewelers. Why? In short, they trust our expertise, they love our professional jewelry services, and they know they are getting a great value. They also love our people. We think you will as well.

We offer great service, great prices, and the finest quality jewelry. We don't have phony '50% off sales', instead choosing to simply give you our best price every single day. We also carry a large variety of beautiful pieces to fit any budget, and will provide you all the personal attention and help you need.

With skilled jewelry repair experts in shop, MS Jewelers has continually provided its customers with service that is unequaled. And we keep up with the latest in equipment as well, utilizing laser welding technology and computerized online sales.

Michael Struk is both a GIA Graduate Gemologist and a professional Bench Jeweler. As a Graduate Gemologist, Mike has unparalleled knowledge of gemstones, and diamonds, both in the nature of the stones themselves, and the tools needed to evaluate them.

As a professional Bench Jeweler, Mike is an expert on the precious metals involved in jewelry, and his skilled hands (with the help of precision jeweler's tools) have crafted, shaped, and repaired priceless heirlooms for close to 22 years.

Mike is a master craftsman, and can restore, repair or create almost any piece of jewelry imaginable. Perhaps what you're looking for is just an idea in your mind ~~no problem-sketch us a picture and watch it transform. Cad Cam services available.

We'd love for you to join our ever-growing family of satisfied customers.